About company

FACTORY OF HEALTH LLC is a new innovative Russian full-cycle enterprise that creates unique products in the field of post-treatment and ionization of water and air.
Our company is not a newcomer in the field of ionization, over the past 5 years tens and hundreds of thousands of our grateful customers and buyers around the world have already learned about the AkvaLIFE products we sell, and throughout this time we have created our First Innovative Russian Plant from scratch – manufacturers of water and air ionizers. We have created a new, young, but already experienced and professional production that has brought together the best industry professionals under our roof.
Today we invite everyone to get acquainted with the premium product line of our plant – this is the AkvaLIFE SpaAqua Ionizer water purifier, and the SpaAqua Ionizer air purifier.

SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin “Sanus per Aquam”, or “Sanitas pro Aqua”, which in Latin means “health through water” or “health through water”. This concept has been known since the days of Ancient Rome, where thermal springs and thermal baths were used to heal ailments.

We offer the goods of our SpaAqua line to our customers in Russia on the best terms!

And we guarantee the high quality of our products and a long flawless service life.

Our company also offers other high quality products.

All products are completely safe, certified and patented.

You can verify this by taking our products for a 3-month test period.
We are always ready to help and answer all your questions by our phones and e-mail: spaaqua@spaaqua.ru
For the convenience of our clients who care about health, we are available from 8: 00-21: 00 Moscow time, 7 days a week!

– Phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 248-08-08
– Free phone for orders in Russia: 8-800-505-08-55

Email: spaaqua@spaaqua.ru