Bactericidal humidifier Aquacom SPAAQUA air ionizer

A unique climatic device that purifies and saturates the air with silver ions. Has a medical certificate.

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Unlike conventional air humidifiers, the Aquacom SPAAQUA climate complex has the most important function – the healing and purification of ambient air at the molecular level.

Aquacom SPAAQUA is guaranteed to clean the spray water from harmful microorganisms and at the same time saturate the air in the room with silver ions (Ag +) that have a beneficial effect on the body, this creates the conditions for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, microbes and viruses in the surrounding area.

Penetrating through the respiratory system and the skin, ionic silver (Ag +) creates a unique natural shield for the body, in front of which colds, acute respiratory infections, influenza and many other diseases associated with an uncomfortable living environment recede. The climate complex is especially recommended for installation in children’s rooms and in school and preschool institutions, where the risk of transmission of infectious diseases is much higher.

The use of Aquacom SPAAQUA in office and industrial premises where, due to the large number of people, the transmission of infectious diseases is higher, is a cost-effective preventive measure aimed at preventing production losses from employee disability, especially during the flu epidemic and SARS.
The built-in monopolar ionizer enriches the air with negative aero ions of oxygen (-ion), which reduces the effects of working television and computer monitors and maintains the natural balance of aero ions.

By purchasing the Aquacom SPAAQUA bactericidal humidifier, you simultaneously get an effective humidifier, a monopolar ionizer and a molecular air purifier in one device.


Maximum aerosol productivity, g / hour. up to 850*
Average mass-median aerodynamic diameter of aerosol particles (MMAD), microns. up to 4.0 – 90% / up to 30.0 – 10%
Silver concentration in sprayed water, mg / l.. 0,5
Resource of work of silver electrodes, hours. 6000
Supply voltage, VAC (50Hz). 220
Maximum power consumption, no more, W. 80
Suitable for indoor use (humidification), m2 / m3, up to. 100
Mass without water, no more, kg. 3.7
Tank volume, l.. 5
Nominal water temperature, deg. Celsius. 20 to 45
Overall dimensions, assembled, mm.. 208x208x408
Temperature sensor. is
Air ionizer. is
Remote control PDU-02 **. is
Warranty Period. 12 months



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