Blood pressure corrector SHVABE

The device is designed to correct blood pressure by normalizing vascular tone and strengthening the body’s own defenses. It can be used at home and in medical institutions as a monotherapy, or as part of a complex treatment.

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The use of a corrector increases the effectiveness of drug therapy and can be recommended as an independent treatment.

Effective therapy:
– arterial hypertension
– I-II-III degree
– hypotension
– neurocirculatory dystonia

“In patients with hypertension in more than half of cases, in response to the course use of an electric stimulator, there is a decrease in blood pressure and / or an improvement in its circadian profile. “The pacemaker does not cause significant fluctuations in blood pressure during its initial use and is generally well tolerated during course use.”

Use Concealer to Prevent Disease and Maintain Health.

Mental and physical stress

A “side effect” of high mental and physical stress is maladaptation syndrome. Desadaptosis is a complex of symptoms: a feeling of constant fatigue, apathy, sleep disturbance. Possible tachycardia, pressure surges and decreased immunity.

The course of procedures corrects the functional system of the body, restores the cardiovascular system and its own adaptation mechanisms.

You can feel energetic and cope with stress.

Professional stress.

Stress triggers the development of conditions called dystonia. Symptoms of dystonia can be different: insomnia, problems with pressure, anxiety disorders, and even panic attacks.

The corrector increases the body’s resistance to stress and normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.

The corrector corrects the vascular tone of the body and helps the body re-learn how to manage its condition.

Weather sensitivity reduction.

If “on the weather” a headache, then you are weather sensitive. The reason is a violation of the autonomic nervous system. In this case, the external environment has an unpleasant effect on the body. The corrector stabilizes your own pressure and adjusts the proper functioning of the nervous system. Using a corrector can improve well-being during hormonal adjustment.

Increase productivity.

The corrector corrects the functional state of the body, blood circulation and nutrition of organs with oxygen. The body works better – which means you feel more energetic. You have more power for an active and vibrant life.

Service “Therapist 24/7”.

Round-the-clock consultations with the therapist over the phone, online via the Internet (DocDoc website or application), at home, on travel for a period of 1 year.

There are contraindications consult with a specialist!

1. Atrial fibrillation
2. Pregnancy
3. Age to 14 years
4. Pacemaker


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