Ionized acidic water

24.04.2020 0 Comments

pH=2,5-6 and ORP=+50…+950 mV

Acid or dead water, tastes like acidic water with a characteristic sour smell and a slight smell of chlorine, not for daily use…

Acid (dead) water received in the course of electrolysis in AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA device – is a brilliant green, iodine and peroxide of hydrogen rolled into one! Dead it is called because in it there does not live any bacterium. Dead (acid) water prepared in our device is not dangerous and is non-toxic.

It is a natural bactericide. Dead water prepared in AkvaLIFE SPAAQUA device slows down biological processes, lowers a blood pressure, calms nerves, improves a dream, gradually dissolves stones on teeth, quickly treats cold, diarrhea and poisonings. An organism is replenished with necessary positive ions of hydrogen.

Acid water softly clears skin and gives it a tone, elasticity and freshness. Used for body cleaning, subjects of personal hygiene. And a hair, which are washed up by such water come to life, are smoothed and filled with healthy gloss.

Acid water – an excellent natural disinfector. Such water destroys small wreckers, microbes, bacteria, fungus.

Well disinfects soil, containers, fresh vegetables, fruits and many other things.