Ionized alkaline water

24.04.2020 0 Comments

pH=8-12 and ORP= -70…-750 mV

Ionized alkaline water (catholyte) has a mild negative electrical load and alkaline characteristics. It is also known as living water. Alkaline water is soft, odourless and tastes like rain.

The benefits are: Natural stimulator. Natural antioxidant. Provides alkaline to the body. Directly adopted. More oxygen. Lower tension of the surface. Reduces acidity of the body. Protects healthy cells. Strengthens immune system of the body.

This water stimulates vital energy and recovery of the body, reduces its acidity and improves health if used daily.

Both alkaline and acidic waters obtain and sustain absolutely different properties for particular period of time and are different than those of mains tap water. It leads to absolutely different ways of using alkaline and acidic water.